Vojta Pavlicek was born in 1968 in Prague. He left Czechoslovakia in March 1989 to live and work in Paris, France. After a passage in the Conservatoire of Dance in Prague, Vojta combines periods as an assistant of several artists with the management of his own artistic career. Since 1992, he has exhibited in the US and many countries throughout Europe. His exhibitions include:   


1979-1983 Conservatoire of Dance, in Prague                                  
1985-1988 National Theater of Prague “La Latherna Magique”         
1989 Le Chantier Theatre, Festival des Pyrenees (France)               
1992 Exhibition in St.Paul Village, Paris (Wooden sculptures)            
1992 Exhibition in the Grand Palais “Independent Artists” Paris         

1993 Exhibition in gallery Everants, Paris                                      
1993 Exhibition in the Palace, Paris                                                     
1994 –1995 Exhibition in the gallery Atelier 3, Zurich (Switzerland)

1998 Exposition in Cripps Gallery Germa, Ft Lauderdale (FL, USA)

1999 Exhibition in Ness Gallery, San Francisco (USA)

2012 Exhibition in gallery Garage, Prague

2015 Exhibition in Monacco, France

2016 Exhibition in Nová síň gallery, Prague

2017 Exhibition in Depo gallery, Pragovka, Prague




" I was recently in Prague and had the opportunity to see Vojta’s Pavlíček paintings. He has been paint- ing for a relatively short time. But in that time he has managed to amass a body of work and a voice of his own which is that of a natural born painter. In this work I nd invention of materials and imagina- tion and a huge massive dose of energy, enthusiasm and pure joy in his own self discovery of what paint- ing can be for him. I don’t know him well but as a viewer and a practic- ing painter it is my impulse to encourage him with his practice for my own sel sh reasons because, we will all nd wonder and surprise along with him as he continues his journey in to the painted world."


To whoever with great pleasure, Yours truly Julian Schnabel